Spectacular Pools / White Concrete Open Lounge in Morelos, Mexico - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

Tepoztlán is located in Morelos, a state in south-central Mexico. Given its location less than fifty miles from the Mexican capital and pleasant climate, the town is known as a popular tourist destination among the citizens of Mexico City

Some visitors come for the fresh air away from the big city; others, however, are attracted by the legends and stories told about the region. Lounge Tepoztlán, the first building constructed on this spot, is part of a larger tourist complex, a cluster of bungalows created to promote outdoor activities in this unique corner of Mexico.

Lounge morelos vertical thecoolpool The Cadaval & Solà-Morales architecture firm, with offices in Barcelona and Mexico City, designed and constructed a building based on three adjoining spaces on a white foundation. Three different uses -kitchen, kids’ playroom, and lounge/bedroom- enclosed on three ends of a larger open space without vertical walls, protected only by vegetation.

This clear geometric shape, like the three points of a boomerang, create a central common area between each of the spaces which allow users to experience nature while inside the building. Plants, trees, flowers and vegetation are integrated, and two huge trees emerge from the floor between the furniture that organises the interior space.

Lounge morelos thecoolpoolThe last element added to the building is the pool, which clearly works with the building’s open space. The activity inside naturally extends outside. The pool is elliptical and offers a range of uses: users can swim, splash, cool down, dive or just dip their feet.

The complex is constructed in white concrete for its affordability and low maintenance.