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To capture a particular target group, it is important for tourist establishments to have a dedicated offering that sets them apart in the sector and satisfies the needs of increasingly discerning and segmented tourists. Water leisure can be a major draw for families, particularly young children, who play a decisive role when it comes to choosing a holiday destination.

Families are one of the guest profiles that tourist resorts are most eager to attract. They are characterised by long stays (seven to 10 days) and are very loyal customers. According to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation, around 70% of families who have a good holiday experience will return in the near future.

TCP Burbuja PamplonaThrills are what bring in the families. That’s why it is important to provide experiences like play, which children, who very often act as decision-makers and leads, can’t get enough of.

Water leisure is incredibly effective at boosting a brand among customers and retaining a family public,” says Ignacio Elburgo, general manager of Fluidra Engineering Service. “Water parks and aquatic play facilities are the best way to turn water installations into recreational pools”.

A good alternative for people not keen to build a pool is zero-depth splash parks, a new type of installation that makes it possible to play in very shallow water and which promotes safe interactivity and inter-generational play. Finally, bubbles (fun guaranteed) and water slides are an adventure and adrenalin alternative for young and old alike.

Did you know?

  • More than 50% of decisions regarding family holidays are taken with the children’s opinions in mind.
  • More than 50% of teenagers who have had a positive holiday experience share it on social networks.
  • More than 70% of children under the age of 13 tell their friends about their summer experiences when they get back from holidays.