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The Dutch architecture studio MVRDV  will design a new large urban lake in the centre of the Taiwanese city of Tainan. The project will entail the demolition of the China-Town shopping centre, a complex built in 1983 and on which it proposes an urgent replacement due to its poor architectural quality.

This decaying construction is no longer what it was during the time of expansion of the fourth most populous city in the Republic of China and today it is known as the “rotten tooth” of Tainan. The team of urbanists The Urbanist Collective,  the study of local architecture LLJ Architects and Landscapers Progressive Environmental, among others, make up the team with the prestigious Central European architects have been selected in the competition organized by the municipal administration competition.

The winning proposal is based mainly on the incorporation of an attractive connection axis between the city and the seafront. Thanks to this green corridor, this side of Tainan will be transformed into a more pleasant area for the pedestrian, with a much more important presence of green areas despite being an area of great commercial activity.

The idea of the team formed by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries also foresees the incorporation of new shops and restaurants, as well as new public swimming pools. The trees will also give a new vegetable and friendly image to the area. The new water channel will be flanked by sand dunes and various street furniture. The architects seek to recover the view once had this area of the city and, years ago, was hidden by the rough mall.

According to the authors, the design of the new public spaces is inspired by the natural lagoon that existed in Taiwan before the expansion of the city and that drove the development of the local fishing industry. This winning scheme will become an important stimulus for the regeneration of the district thanks to the promotion of the use of public spaces and the creation of a cohesive urban language.