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For many triathlon enthusiasts, going to the seaside to swim can be extremely difficult and, therefore, the most viable alternative for training in the water is of course to go to a swimming pool. However, the experience of swimming in a pool is totally different to what the sea has in store on the day of a competition.

9797766 - portrait of young man swimming in poolThe differences between the two environments are clear. Firstly, there is greater buoyancy in the sea, whilst the swell and currents are constantly changing, so keeping one’s breathing rhythm under control is harder. Furthermore, breaks must be made for turning in a pool and, even if turns are done very quickly, these changes of direction force the arms to rest (which does not happen in the sea) and swimmers get used to taking advantage of the thrust when they push against the wall.

So, are athletes forced to travel to the seaside if they want to build up the strength, technique and resistance required to get through a triathlon? Not anymore.

AlbertEspañol_TheCoolPoolAstralPool has developed three countercurrent swimming units(Advanced ND, Basic NL and Basic ND) that generate a powerful horizontal stream of water that enables swimmers to compete against the full strength of the sea without leaving home. Equipped with a 5.5 cv pump, the three units are switched on using a backlit push button, which swimmers can use to adjust the flow rate from 25 to 60 m3/h.

This versatility makes these devices an ideal training tool for professionals and beginners of any sport. Training for a triathlon, building up resistance to run a marathon, improving posture or learning to control one’s breathing are just some examples of the use that can be made of countercurrent swimming units.

In the following video, the Olympic water polo player Albert España explains how these systems have motivated him and assisted him in his search for perfection.