The Pool Experts / Tips for lighting a residential pool - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

Do you know that a poorly designed lighting system can also make a swimming pool unsafe? Would you like to discover how to illuminate it so that the games of light in the water made it even more spectacular? Do you know what the latest trends are? Halogen or LED spotlights? We give you the answers!

A pool with a good lighting design is more secure and efficient

Before lighting the pool, we recommend studying which spaces can be dangerous in the dark. Stairs, edges, benches or unevenness must always be visible, even in the darkest night. Study the design of the pool, detect all these areas and assess the possibility of placing lighting with higher light intensities and specially designed for small spaces.

A properly lit pool is respectful of the environment

Faced with halogen lights, the latest designs in LED underwater lights prevent environmental light pollution and achieve greater energy efficiency.

Precisely because of its innovation, functionality and ecological respect, the SLX Multicolour LED Pool and Spa Lights range has become a world reference in pool lighting as it encompasses features not found in other lights. Specifically, the SLX Multicolour Pool and Spa Lights is oriented towards the background to avoid causing light pollution outside. In addition, this model improves luminous efficiency by 20% compared to the most common market solutions.

The latest trends allow control of remote lights

Once a safe and efficient lighting has been achieved, it is time to think about how to make it even more spectacular! The connected pools already make it possible to control the colour of the lights from a distance. The SLX Multicolour LED Pool and Spa lights are compatible with Connect 10, Touchscreen and Internet Gateway – making your pool easy to control and use.

The latest trend in pool lighting is to create starry skies through lighting. We can not think of a more spectacular lighting than the sky itself for the bottom of your pool!