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Swimming pools are increasingly used as recreational spaces for fun and games, where you can spend hours swimming, jumping and diving with friends and family. However, having a pool also means having to regularly clean it to ensure the comfort and well-being of users and to protect equipment from damage caused by dirt that accumulate on the pool’s bottom and sides. More than just a cosmetic issue, in order to be safe pools must be kept clean to prevent them from becoming sources of infection. Pool cleaning can be simple, quick and convenient with the right products.

Have you ever wondered which type of pool cleaner is for you? Keeping your pool clean may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, but the wide variety of cleaning equipment available today means you can have a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort.


Cleaning a pool goes beyond simply caring for pool water: the walls and bottom must also be cleaned. While this can be accomplished with a manual pool cleaner or an automatic robot it can also be done with a built-in cleaner like Net’N’Clean, which has been available on the market for a number of years. The main advantage of this system is user convenience, as pool owners will no longer have to handle the cleaner and the unpleasant task of cleaning becomes a thing of the past.

At AstralPool, we offer an extensive range of pool cleaning systems to suit your swimming pool, your lifestyle and your budget. Here is a basic explanation of different pool cleaners to help you understand which would be the right choice for you, your pool and your budget. AstralPool offers manual cleaning materials, suction cleaners, automatic cleaners, the Net’N’Clean built-in cleaning system and a range of cleaning accessories.

Net’n’Clean is an automatic cleaning system built into the pool itself that single-handedly uses pressurised water to lift dirt from the pool bottom and stairs. The Net’n’Clean system is composed of a series of cleaning nozzles installed at the bottom of the pool that project jets of water for a programmed time and in a specific direction, thus cleaning the entire pool.

Another option is S5 suction cleaner. These cleaners rely on suction to get them moving and to allow them to vacuum the debris from the pool floor. The units are generally cheaper to install than some other cleaners and operate when the filtration system is operating. The downside of suction cleaner is that the skimmer is not doing the job it is supposed to do which is to skim the top of the water and remove debris before it drops to the floor. Water flow is obviously greater through the filtration system when nothing is connected to the skimmer and water clarity can be reduced using an automatic cleaner.

A Robotic Pool Cleaner vacuums debris directly into its own filter and is the best option when it comes to small and large debris. The inbuilt “brain” helps the cleaner to learn the shape and size of the pool ensuring it manoeuvres around the pool to check if there is any spot it may have missed.

Robotic Pool Cleaners also act as a great way to circulate the water in your pool – not only by the amount of water passing through them resulting in fine debris being collected but also because they are not connected through the skimmer box which allows the pools skimming action to take place.

Although built-in integrated cleaners automatically clean pools and use the pool’s own resources, a personal study of your pool that takes into account all factors (size, characteristics, equipment, etc.) is recommended before deciding on the best type of cleaner.

If you have any questions and want some assistance with choosing the right pool cleaner for you, contact us today – head to to find the nearest AstralPool Dealer.