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THE COOL POOL / 29 November 2018

LED solutions for lighting your pool

ED liu There are many underwater LED lighting solutions that minimize power consumption and improve energy efficiency. SLX Multicolour LED lights and FLX Fibreglass Multicolour LED Pool and SPA lights are two of them that should be borne in mind. These LED lights maintain 70% of the Initial luminous flux for a minimum of 50,000 hours and […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 November 2018

Water leisure: the key to attracting family tourism

To capture a particular target group, it is important for tourist establishments to have a dedicated offering that sets them apart in the sector and satisfies the needs of increasingly discerning and segmented tourists. Water leisure can be a major draw for families, particularly young children, who play a decisive role when it comes to choosing a […]

THE COOL POOL / 8 November 2018

Train for a Triathlon in Your Pool at Home

For many triathlon enthusiasts, going to the seaside to swim can be extremely difficult and, therefore, the most viable alternative for training in the water is of course to go to a swimming pool. However, the experience of swimming in a pool is totally different to what the sea has in store on the day of a […]

THE COOL POOL / 4 October 2018

Meet VIRON XT -The most efficient pump

The best-selling filtration pump in the market has had a makeover with features and ease of use never seen before. The AstralPool brand has the Viron XT Variable Speed pumps which are more resistant, silent, easy-to-use and efficient pool pump, suitable for any pool. A pump plays a crucial role in how a pool works. […]

THE COOL POOL / 6 September 2018

How do you disinfect your pool water?

There are different treatments for looking after pool water that make it possible to keep the water clean and, above all, free of pathogenic microorganisms that can affect the health of bathers. Chlorine is the most popular chemical used for treating pool water, but not the most advanced disinfectant. One disadvantage of chemical treatment using chlorine is that […]

THE COOL POOL / 30 August 2018

Pool start-up guide in 10 steps

With summer just around the corner, the time has come to start preparing pools for the new season. AstralPool professionals recommend exercising caution and to start this process in spring. You will, therefore, be able to use your pool as soon as the bathing season starts. Initially, this procedure may seem costly, but the company’s professionals concur that if […]

THE COOL POOL / 12 July 2018

Sand or glass filters – which to choose for your pool

The filter is a key element for keeping pool water crystal clear at all times. Broadly speaking, the filter system is responsible for cleaning the water in the facility and returning it to the pool in a perfect condition. Filters can operate with silica sand or glass as the filter media. When the water passes through the filter […]

THE COOL POOL / 28 June 2018

Natural Pool for Relaxing, Healthy Bathing

Our bodies can absorb up to 500 ml of water during an hour in the pool. It is therefore essential that pool water be clean and free of all substances that can harm the body. AstralPool Australia set itself the goal of coming up with a practical solution to this problem. It has therefore created Natural Pool, […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 June 2018

What will the fountains of the future be like?

The fountains sector is constantly evolving and the construction of new and stunning installations around the world demonstrates the growth in some trends, including interactivity, clean lines and the intelligent combination of music and colour. All of these characteristics form true works of art, a world away from the fussy designs that were popular in the past. We look […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 June 2018

The 101 on Pool Cleaners

Swimming pools are increasingly used as recreational spaces for fun and games, where you can spend hours swimming, jumping and diving with friends and family. However, having a pool also means having to regularly clean it to ensure the comfort and well-being of users and to protect equipment from damage caused by dirt that accumulate […]

THE COOL POOL / 25 May 2018

A walk through the complex of magic fountains in Astana

Magic curtains, colored lights, water that moves to the rhythm of music and that shoots up into the sky with the power of a natural geyser. Blasts of flames and amazing shafts of light. The innovative technology behind the fountains in Astana (Kazakhstan) is just one of the latest advances in the complex that staged the 2017 […]

THE COOL POOL / 5 April 2018

Pool Winterising in 5 Steps

Did you know you should only empty a pool once every five years? However, when winter comes around, many pool owners and maintenance staff still choose to remove all the water. This action is not only fairly unsustainable, it can also be very pricey. There are better ways to keep a pool looking clean and free of […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 March 2018

Tips for lighting a residential pool

Do you know that a poorly designed lighting system can also make a swimming pool unsafe? Would you like to discover how to illuminate it so that the games of light in the water made it even more spectacular? Do you know what the latest trends are? Halogen or LED spotlights? We give you the answers! A pool with […]

THE COOL POOL / 8 March 2018

Pool Heating – extend your swimming season into winter

Pool Heating – extend your swimming season into winter. The summer days begin to end, the days get cooler and shorter –  however, this does not mean that the days in the garden, inside the pool, must end in the month of March in Australia. Discover how to raise the temperature of your pool in an […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 February 2018

How does a pool work?

At first sight, a pool does not look that complicated. After all, it is a big hole in the ground full of water. However, there are various parts hidden under the surface that fit together to form its sophisticated inner workings, which enable us to have a great time splashing around in crystal clear water. […]

THE COOL POOL / 18 January 2018

Why you should connect your pool to the Internet

The Internet of Pools is here to stay. This innovative concept, developed by Astralpool Australia, is based on the application of the Internet of Things to the Pool and Spa Industry and, thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it is only a matter of time before it completely transforms the daily management of aquatic facilities. With Connect […]