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THE COOL POOL / 22 November 2018

Artificial lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons

A few years ago, recreational real estate developments concentrated on parks with play areas, expanses of grass and golf courses. In recent years, artificial lakes have become the backbone of any tourist, residential or commercial project as this solution brings in many benefits. The added value afforded by artificial lakes means that their owners can […]

THE COOL POOL / 18 October 2018

Water as an Architectural Resource

Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake) is a reservoir that was built on the Colorado River where it passes through the US city of Austin, Texas, for the purposes of containing floods and providing a leisure facility in the region.. The climate in the area is characterised by hot summers and mild daytime temperatures in winter, […]

THE COOL POOL / 27 September 2018

A natural public pool near Basel

Basel is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting destinations when it comes to planning a trip to discover a region with good architecture. This Swiss city and its immediate surroundings have numerous outstanding pieces of work, both in terms of design and execution. Herzog & de Meuron were behind a project on the banks of […]

THE COOL POOL / 13 September 2018

White Concrete Open Lounge in Morelos, Mexico

Tepoztlán is located in Morelos, a state in south-central Mexico. Given its location less than fifty miles from the Mexican capital and pleasant climate, the town is known as a popular tourist destination among the citizens of Mexico City Some visitors come for the fresh air away from the big city; others, however, are attracted […]

THE COOL POOL / 16 August 2018

A Spa Refuge: Hot Springs in Nha Trang, Vietnam

In southeast Vietnam, in the city of Nha Trang, the architecture team at a21 studio have just finished work on the facilities for a hot spring resort, which has a unique architectural touch. Located on a hillside, it stands out thanks to its unusual roof and the triangular layout of its indoor swimming pool. Its views of the […]

THE COOL POOL / 9 August 2018

Design and Wellness: The Therme Vals Case

Peter Zumthor signed off on one of his most international projects in 1996: the Therme Vals spa complex. Two decades on, there isn’t an architect in the world who doesn’t long to relax in the evocative waters of this space and discover the secret to its architecture. In the mid-1990s, the, el 7132 Hotel, in the Swiss town […]

THE COOL POOL / 26 July 2018

Swimming Pool Art

If we were to ask a group of people to make a list of things you can find on the floor of a swimming pool, the signature of a genius such as Pablo Picasso would certainly not be among their answers. Here are five projects that fuse swimming pools and art together, including a fashion […]

THE COOL POOL / 19 July 2018

A Pool for Taking in the Stars

There’s no paved road to reach this gorgeous place and you also have to cross a river (only possible in summer as the bed overflows on rainy winter days). Once there, you come across a rustic property, green for most of the year, filled with olive trees and rocks, and four simple buildings that have been […]

THE COOL POOL / 5 July 2018

Pool K., a Pool with Panoramic Views in Grimbergen, Belgium

The owner of this 17th-century building had always dreamed of having a pool in his garden. Unfortunately, the size and poor orientation forced him, at first, to dismiss the idea and focus 100% on renovating his home. However, the sale of the abandoned school on the next-door plot of land changed his plans just when work […]

THE COOL POOL / 8 June 2018

Unique Pools in Hidden Spots

Would you love to swim in an ancient Roman cistern, relax in a swimming pool overlooking the Aegean Sea or take a dip under Gothic arches? Then discover these three pools which, despite being covered, are filled with light and history. La Tor farmhouse in Montclar In the Catalan region of Berguedà (Barcelona) we find […]

THE COOL POOL / 18 May 2018

A “Crossed House” in Murcia

Clavel Arquitectos designed and built a beautiful crossed house in a property development located in Molina de Segura, in the Spanish region of Murcia. The single-family property, which boasts views over the surrounding Sierra de la Pila and Valle de Ricote mountains, ingeniously harnesses sunlight and solar energy Two expressive longitudinal volumes, 20 metres in length by […]

THE COOL POOL / 26 April 2018

An aquatic centre in the stunning French Alps

Courchevel, a ski resort in Tarentaise Valley (Savoie), is also an ideal place to practice this quintessential winter sport in a spot in the French Alps where you can enjoy all the fine qualities of water. In the tiered countryside of a typically Alpine nature, the Aquamotion Aquatic Center has occupied a platform with stunning views over […]

THE COOL POOL / 12 April 2018

Franck Bohbot’s stunning Paris pools

In Franck Bohbot’s pictures, everything looks set to become a memorable film location: glass lamps shine in his spaces, the floor is recently waxed, natural lighting flows through the outsized windows and the classy ceilings speak to the enormity of architecture and history. His series also feature the most stunning pools in Paris. That’s because, if there’s one […]

THE COOL POOL / 29 March 2018

Creative Pool Designs

When it’s decided to build a pool, one of the most important issues that must be taken into account is what form the installation will take. There are some guidelines that can help with making the decision and achieve the best results, both aesthetically and functionally. In general, experts recommend that the pool does not occupy more […]

THE COOL POOL / 1 March 2018

A pool in the countryside of Puglia

The architecture of the past is perfectly recognised in this hotel establishment located a few kilometres from Ostuni, the white city of Brindisi, in the heart of the Puglia countryside. Andrew Trotter designed, during a three-year process to delve into the heart of local traditions, this luminous box where everything develops around a patio. Once inside, it […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 February 2018

The Most Spectacular Rooftop Pools

The rooftops of some luxury hotels conceal magical pools, veritable oases in the middle of urban landscapes accessible to only a few, where one can enjoy a relaxing dip above the cityscape. In the top 5 spectacular rooftops pools, some will stand out for their architectural features, whilst others for their surroundings and the peace and […]

THE COOL POOL / 1 February 2018

Blue pool between red walls

Today, we once again turn our attention to 1970s architecture, in particular the work of Ricardo Bofill, an architect whose emblematic designs include the Barcelona airport expansion, the W Barcelona hotel, the remodel of an old cement factory on the outskirts of Barcelona (which he turned into his headquarters, the Taller de Arquitectura), and the design and […]

THE COOL POOL / 4 January 2018

Immerse yourself in the minimalist Japanese architecture

Aonagi is a small luxury hotel in the Japanese region of Setouchi, in the Okayama prefecture. This careful hotel project of only seven rooms was designed, 17 years ago, by Tadao Ando, brilliant self-taught Japanese architect whose exquisite work, which stands out for the use of concrete, light and water, served to be distinguished with the Award Pritzker, the highest […]

THE COOL POOL / 8 December 2017

Three dream pools by the sea

These three pools that touch the ocean are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable aquatic experience whatever your tastes. For those who love a challenge: Bondi Icebergs (Australia) What sets Bondi Icebergs apart is more than just the pool’s spectacular location next to Bondi Beach in Sydney. Founded in 1929, the swimming club and its time-honoured traditions have […]

THE COOL POOL / 23 November 2017

Abandoned Metro Stations in Paris Resurrected

Paris is the city of light and its metro is one of the most famous in the world. Some of its stations converted into ghost stations after being abandoned, will once again be used once this proposal by Paris architecture firm Oxo Architects, founded by architect Manal Rachdi, becomes a reality.

THE COOL POOL / 21 November 2017

Pool with a view of the Great Barrier Reef

Just on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, between the 74 islands that make up the archipelago of Whitsunday, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be found Hamilton Island. Facing the coast of Queensland, Australia, it is the archipelago’s largest inhabited island, has its own commercial airport and is just a short boat […]

THE COOL POOL / 17 November 2017

Not Recommended for Swimmers with Vertigo

The downtown area of Houston (USA) has been undergoing a major urban transformation over the past 10-plus years. Like many cities across the world, this major metropolis in the state of Texas is rolling out municipal policies to provide more office space and residential developments to future citizens while also promoting itself as a tourist […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 November 2017

A sea of creativity in the Mexican desert

One of the most fashionable destinations for today’s travelers is undoubtedly Mexico’s San José del Cabo. Good food, golf courses and water activities –including whale watching, diving and surfing– are just some of the ingredients that make this corner in the southeast part of Baja California an unforgettable place for a getaway.

THE COOL POOL / 1 November 2017

You won’t believe what NASA is hiding in this pool

Since the mid-90s, swimming has been an essential exercise for astronauts. That’s not because a large mass of water had been discovered in space in that decade, but because since then it has been a fundamental part of the training NASA astronauts undergo in a giant swimming pool.