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The filter is a key element for keeping pool water crystal clear at all times. Broadly speaking, the filter system is responsible for cleaning the water in the facility and returning it to the pool in a perfect condition.

Filters can operate with silica sand or glass as the filter media. When the water passes through the filter the sand grains or small glass beads placed inside it retain any impurity present in the water and leave it in tip-top condition for use.


Both sand and glass are very efficient filter systems, although there are some differences worth considering when it comes to choosing the option that’s best for your pool.

Sand is the best-known and most common filter media. It has been used for years and offers a great quality/price ratio. In general, silica sand filters will last for around 5 years. Because the sand tends to pack up, it is necessary to ensure proper maintenance and regularly check that the grains have not clogged together in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Glass, on the other hand, is a newer and less dense filter media than sand, meaning that approximately 15% less weight is needed to fill the filter. This weight reduction and the fact that the beads do not pack together translate into transport cost reductions and a longer filter life, up to 10 years.

Energy saving is another of the advantages of glass filters. Because the crystals don’t clog as much as sand, fewer washes are needed to keep the pool spotless, thereby consuming less water, electricity (if the facility has a heating system) and chemical products.

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