Spectacular Pools / Pool K., a Pool with Panoramic Views in Grimbergen, Belgium - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

The owner of this 17th-century building had always dreamed of having a pool in his garden. Unfortunately, the size and poor orientation forced him, at first, to dismiss the idea and focus 100% on renovating his home.

However, the sale of the abandoned school on the next-door plot of land changed his plans just when work was about to start on this stately home in the Belgian town of Grimbergen.


Following the purchase of the school and the subsequent integration of the two buildings, sharing one single garden, he saw his wish come true thanks to dmvA Architecten.

The designers of the project used the roof of the old school to build the pool he so wanted on high, thus completing a project where two white blocks coexist on either side of an open green space.

Very sunny and pleasant, dmvA Architecten has achieved a hiding-place the customer can enjoy as he had always imagined. Fortunately, the solid structure of the reinforced concrete pillars and beams of the old school-building made it possible to install the pool up in the clouds.


In order to also have a clean image in the new pool, as with the design of the façade and the refurbishment of the building itself, the architects decided to cover floors, window sills, stairs and the pool body in white polyurethane. Together with the blue colour of the water, it gives a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The wonderful views of the surrounding area from this height increase the sensation of leisure and freedom. No doubt the owners are happy to end a hard day’s work with a dip on the roof of their new home.