Spectacular Pools / A Pool That Draws Inspiration From the Oyster Tradition of France’s Côte D’Argent - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

The Dune of Pilat, located at the entrance to Arcachon Bay off Cape Ferret, is one of the most spectacular natural areas along the Aquitaine’s coastal landscape to the west of Bordeaux.The dune is one of the region’s most impressive natural formations. Its 100-metre crest, the highest in Europe, is today one of the most visited sites on the Côte d’Argent (Silver Coast).

In 1930 visionary entrepreneur Louis Gaume built an exclusive hotel at the foot of the dune along the coast, surrounded by pine trees in a now protected environment. Eighty years later, businessman William Téchoueyres and his wife decided that La Corniche needed a makeover and commissioned Phillipe Starck to breathe fresh life into the hotel and its grounds. The result was La Co(o)rniche, a place defined in close collaboration with the Gaume family, a spectacular spot for getting away from it all with a focus on the guests’ enjoyment, which makes superb use of the surrounding area’s exquisite beauty with the utmost respect for the environment.

While the original building retains its neo-Basque style, 18 cabins inspired by the traditional huts of the area’s oyster fishermen (oysters are a culinary delight on this side of the Atlantic) were built as part of the remodel. The hotel terrace opens directly onto the huge pool, shaped to resemble the area’s traditional oyster fishermen platforms. The blue-grey pool merges with the infinite ocean horizon.

Towards the cape or the island, towards the road along the coast or the dune, the unique and extraordinary views from any part of the hotel, particularly from the stunning pool, are fabulous. The entire resort now exudes an air of sophisticated yet delicate luxury.