Spectacular Pools / A pool in the countryside of Puglia - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

The architecture of the past is perfectly recognised in this hotel establishment located a few kilometres from Ostuni, the white city of Brindisi, in the heart of the Puglia countryside. Andrew Trotter designed, during a three-year process to delve into the heart of local traditions, this luminous box where everything develops around a patio. Once inside, it surprises its fantastic swimming pool that is inserted in a landscape planted with impressive olive trees of 500 years of antiquity.

Thick walls, vaulted ceilings, stone floors and whitewashed walls. Thus the spaces remain fresh during the hottest days of the year. The architectural details are so simple, that space is ideal to get lost and to relax in every corner without stridency. This hotel has six rooms of 24 to 45 square meters and all of them have a private garden or a private terrace with views of the countryside.

Air conditioning is rarely used in this construction; the solar panels provide enough energy to illuminate and heat the building. The hotel farm has its own water source: its well provides fresh water of constant flow to cover all needs.

Masseria Moroseta has been built to zero kilometre standards, something that characterizes all architectural exercises that respect the environment, by being consistent with this philosophy, all food and beverages offered at the hotel are grown by the owners themselves or purchased from local farmers, producers and artisans.

Food, social relationships, rituals, proper physical exercise, enjoy the outdoors and the sun. All this forms the basis of this unique business. It has a 200-year-old stone oven, perfect for grilling meats and vegetables, and in October, the owners encourage guests to collect the olive from the hacienda.

The activity of the establishment is completed with a full range of spa services to enjoy alone or as a couple. Oriental rituals, exfoliating, detoxifying or anti-ageing with the help of some Mediterranean plants of the own farm, are some of the options. Yoga accompanies other guests in their retreat at this dream farm.


Photographs: © Salva López