Spectacular Pools / Not Recommended for Swimmers with Vertigo - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

The downtown area of Houston (USA) has been undergoing a major urban transformation over the past 10-plus years. Like many cities across the world, this major metropolis in the state of Texas is rolling out municipal policies to provide more office space and residential developments to future citizens while also promoting itself as a tourist destination of increasing international appeal.

In this scenario of urban renewal, the 42-story Market Square Tower apartment block designed by Jackson & Ryan Architects, is distinguished by a startling glass-bottomed pool that cantilevers from the edge of the building. This remarkable feature allows guests to take a dip while also observing the city at their feet. Set at a height of more than 150 metres, the pool is lit with blue-coloured lights at night, making it even more stunning at sunset.

How was this thrilling effect achieved? The cross-shaped floor plan is set on top of the four 42nd-floor penthouses. One portion sticks out from the facade line and has a glass bottom that curves into a wall at the end furthest from the building. The continuous, edge-free bottom heightens the sensation of a panoramic view. This section of the pool can be seen by nearby pedestrians on the street below and dramatically calls attention to the city skyline.

It is without a doubt an attractive way to promote the leasing of the complex’s luxury apartments. Some residents have already posted pics of themselves enjoying a swim in this stunning amenity. The most frequent inhabitants of these types of properties are young professionals, attracted mainly by the activity in the centre of the city.

+ info & pictures from the architects’ website during the building Works

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