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The best-selling filtration pump in the market has had a makeover with features and ease of use never seen before. The AstralPool brand has the Viron XT Variable Speed pumps which are more resistant, silent, easy-to-use and efficient pool pump, suitable for any pool.

A pump plays a crucial role in how a pool works. Therefore, when choosing the most suitable one for a pool it is important to bear in mind their performance, energy consumption, its compatibility with the rest of the pool equipment and its user-friendliness. The pumps have nine-start energy efficiency, fast and overdrive functionality making it the efficient solution for a filtration pump for your pool.

Increasing or decreasing the speed of a pump simply changes the flow rate by the same rate. However, the actual energy used to change the speed and flow varies dramatically. Halve the speed of your pump and the flow rate will also halve but, the energy consumed drops by more than 85%. compared to conventional single speed pumps, the Viron XT pump will save between $750 and $1,200 every year in operating costs.

The Viron XT range takes new steps forward in environmentally friendly pumps. In fact, a conventional single speed pump uses more energy and is the cause of more Co2 emissions than almost any other household appliance. Viron XT pumps reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and effectively reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 90% (when power supplied from coal-fired power plants). But, manufacturing a pump also contributes to greenhouse emissions. The larger the motor, the more raw materials go into it, and the more greenhouse emissions are used to produce the motor. AstralPool produces the right size motor for your individual application, reducing our carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the resistant state-of-the-art thermoplastics used to make it, the Viron XT variable speed pump has a longer service life than all other pumping devices in the market. A further aspect that significantly increases the resistance and durability of this self-priming pump is that its motors have a high protection rating and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high levels of humidity.

The Viron XT Variable Speed pumps save up to 85% in energy use and reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to a conventional single speed pump. They are also simpler than previous models, with three separate speeds that are easily controlled with up and down buttons. The pumps’ low speeds are reportedly up to 75% quieter than a traditional conventional single speed pump, enabling them to be run at any time to capitalise on off-peak energy prices without invasive noise.

Your Viron XT Pump is a significant investment. Each individual component is carefully designed and selected for maximum lifespan in the tough Aussie climate. 316 stainless steel hardware, robust engineering plastics and high-quality silicone seals create a pump that lasts. Even the motor and sophisticated electronics are carefully designed and manufactured to be easily serviced and repaired. These are just some of the reasons the Viron XT Pump carries a 3 year in field warranty.

The Viron XT Variable Speed pump range is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia for Australians. In short, the Viron XT Variable Speed pump is the state-of-the-art efficient pump that is best adapted to the real needs of residential pool owners and that delivers real added value to them.