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There’s no greater feeling than lounging poolside for hours on a balmy summer day; your personal oasis with no trading hours, no restrictions and no disruption from the outside world. But, when the time comes that you finally have to get out, do you want your hair to be riddled with salt? Or your skin to be at risk of irritation from chlorine overexposure? Or do you want to get out of your pool or spa healthier than you got in?

Magnesium mineral pools can do wonders for your health, and MagnaPool® is the best mineral pool in show. From the very first time you jump into a MagnaPool®, you can feel the difference. The water has a gentle, silky feeling against your skin. There is little or no irritation to your eyes and your hair won’t need washing to get rid of that chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling that you’d get with chlorine and saltwater pools.

Your pool will always have crystal clear water and will be extremely easy to maintain. On top of this, you’ll also find that the gentle mineral pool water relieves stress and anxiety, detoxifies the body, reduces aches and pains, and boosts the energy levels in your muscles.

Worried your surrounding garden or soil will suffer?

MagnaPool® water is rich in magnesium and potassium. Both are used in commercial agricultural applications and are beneficial to plants and soil. Magnesium is the central ion in chlorophyll, which enables plants to obtain energy from light, while potassium plays a vital role in photosynthesis and enzyme production, helping plants grow strong and healthy.

Whether you’re a pool owner, a pool professional or aspiring to be either, a mineral MagnaPool® is the pool you want.

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