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Maintaining the quality of your pool is extremely important for ensuring that it is safe and clean for you and your family to use. There are many factors that can affect a pool’s water quality, including both internal and external factors such as bad weather conditions, a change in the chlorine or pH levels in the water. Here are four essential tips to maintain the pool water’s quality:

  1. Maintain the right level of pH

Maintaining the right level of pH is an important aspect of ensuring that the pool water is healthy. There are a variety of methods that can be used to maintain the pH level of the pool. A pH is the level of acidity or alkalinity in the water, and it is important because it can cause damage to the pool and cause irritation to the skin.

There are several ways to find out the pH levels of the pool. For example, you can use a home DIY test strips to test the water’s chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid level which can tell whether or not the pool water is at an optimum pH level.

It is also important to note that the pH balance of the pool water can impact the effectiveness of the chlorine in the water which means that the chlorine level will have to be adjusted. Purex chemicals are ideal in terms of optimising and adjusting the pool water’s chemicals.

The pH level ranges from 0 to 14. The most balanced pH level for a pool is between 7.2 and 7.6 because it is closest to being neutral. The ideal pH level is 7.2. Lower levels mean more acidic and higher numbers indicate that the water is more on the alkaline side. Some factors can influence the pH level of a pool such as the swimmers, rain, top-up water and other various chemicals.

  1. “Shock” the pool at the start of the season

Shocking the pool is the process of suddenly increasing the amount of chlorine content in the water by three to five times of the normal amount. This dramatically increases the chlorine level in the pool which reduces the number of bacteria and algae residue in the water. This will, if applied correctly, restore your water content to the pristine condition it was meant to be.

Shocking the pool is a process that should be done when there seems to be a change in the water content, caused by external or internal factors.

There are several ways in which to identify when the pool needs a shocking. For example, when the pool water temperature rises, it can cause bacteria to grow more rapidly, causing the pool to be contaminated. Another example would be when there are heavy rains because they may carry contaminants, which can be a problem if left unchecked. Lastly, when the pool is frequently used, it is important to ensure that the chlorine level is maintained properly because it can impact the health and safety of the swimmers.

  1. Get a pool blanket

Getting a pool blanket is an essential step in maintaining the quality of the pool. It reduces the chance of external factors such as debris or rain from falling into the pool and protects it from being contaminated or diluted as a result. This cuts down on the chemical use, which in turn keeps the balance of the chemicals in the water stable and maintains its quality.

On the other hand, it also keeps the water from the pool from evaporating during the hot summer months in Australia. In addition, it also requires less maintenance to do overall and saves money by cutting down on energy, chemical and labour costs.

  1. Clean out the debris

The first method of removing debris is to remove it manually by skimming off the leaves and other unwanted items. By using long-handled leaf skimmers, you can gather up a lot of debris quite easily. However, you must try and remove them before they sink to the bottom of the pool.

Once it sinks into the pool, you will have to use specialised equipment such as vacuums and cleaners to clean your pool. Technologies today have advanced to the point where we have Robotic Pool Cleaners which can clean your pool of any shape, size or surface automatically.

The biggest benefits of the robotic pool cleaners are that it reduces the manual labour work normally required to clean a pool. It is highly effective and efficient with its advanced 3D technology that cleans 4 times better than other filters and it can trap even the smallest micro-particles.

Another technology that makes this robotic pool cleaner unique is that it is powered by the Gyro technology which offers smart 3-dimensional navigation system as well as an accelerometer which informs if the robot is moving. It also has a patented algorithm owned by Astralpool known as the Aquasmart which instructs the robot what to do. The mechanical swivel system also prevents the power cable from becoming tangled which makes the entire cleaning process much smoother.

Overall, it is advisable that you prevent it from being dirty in the first place by regularly maintaining it, and if you need a helping hand, it seems that robots are the next big thing!