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Aonagi is a small luxury hotel in the Japanese region of Setouchi, in the Okayama prefecture. This careful hotel project of only seven rooms was designed, 17 years ago, by Tadao Ando, brilliant self-taught Japanese architect whose exquisite work, which stands out for the use of concrete, light and water, served to be distinguished with the Award Pritzker, the highest international architecture award, in 1995.

Originally, Aonagi was a private house and, later, an art museum. With the recent renovation, Ando has transformed it into a hotel space of “minimal luxury”. The interior, stripped of all unnecessary furniture, directs the gaze of the guest towards the natural landscape that surrounds it. The property has sought at all times an absolute connection of the client with the richness of nature, history and culture of the past. And for that, it has put in value, among other resources such as the thermal water jacuzzi, the sauna and the spa, two suggestive pools.

On the one hand, The Blue, which allows that located on the top of the mountain and even being several kilometres from the coast, you can get to see the inland sea of Seto. And on the other hand, The Cave, which, if desired, can be reserved exclusively for private use.

The International Triennial Art Festival of Setouchi has put the name of this region on the map. Today, the festival seeks to revitalize the area again. Numerous visitors from all countries come every three years to the cultural event that takes place on twelve small islands in the inland sea of Seto, between Okayama prefecture on the island of Honshu and Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku.

For lovers of Ando, the trip does not disappoint. In addition to the hotel, on the island of Naoshima, you can also visit more of the master’s works: the Chichu Art Museum, Benesse and the Ando Museum itself. The Aonagi hotel, nowadays, constitutes another milestone in the itinerary of appointments with the architecture of Ando.

Images sourced from Aonagi Offical Facebook