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Diving is one of the most visually spectacular and exciting sports. Proof of this is the absolute silence that reigns in Olympic stadiums from the moment a diver plunges off the springboard and lands in the water. Given the huge hypnotic effect this traditional sports discipline has on spectators, what would happen if the divers were… giraffes?

This is the premise of “5 metres 80” a short film by the French moviemaker Nicolas Deveaux. In this animated film, dozens of giraffes dive off a number of springboards doing all sorts of artistic movements and somersault into a big indoor pool.

After a process of creation of a year and a half, the work premiered in 2012. Since then, the short film has received numerous awards: Best Short Film at the Artfutura International Festival (2013), Special Award at the City of Lights International Festival of Los Ángeles (2014) or the Audience Award at the New York International Children’s Film Festival (2015), among others.

It is not the first time that Nicolas Deveaux places a majestic natural animal of the African savanna in a sporting environment. In 2005, one year after graduating from the Supinfocom 3D animation school, he created the movie “7 tonnes 2” which allowed us to see an elephant (the only mammal that can not jump) jumping powerfully on a trampoline. This production was screened at numerous festivals around the world.

As a result of the short film “5 metres 80”, the television channel France 3 commissioned Deveaux a series of videos to congratulate the summer and winter holidays to its spectators. In these pieces, the animals are again protagonists of fun activities: hippos that slide down a water slide and play tennis , skater turtle , parachute jumping elephants , and, again, a stylish giraffe that dives into a Pool from a trampoline .