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In Franck Bohbot’s pictures, everything looks set to become a memorable film location: glass lamps shine in his spaces, the floor is recently waxed, natural lighting flows through the outsized windows and the classy ceilings speak to the enormity of architecture and history. His series also feature the most stunning pools in Paris. That’s because, if there’s one thing that fascinates this Parisian-born photographer it’s “water and the way it interacts with people and their built environment”.

The pools shot by Bohbot have mostly covered spaces that seem designed to coincide with the use of their colours: yellow, orange, white, and blue. His Swimming Pool series won the International Photography Award in 2013 and caught the eye of leading professionals in the world of art, fashion, and journalism. Today he documents life in New York, the city where he lives, and is a regular contributor to The New York Times.

La Butte aux Cailles Pool

This pool opened in 1924 and is distinguished by its surprising 55-foot-high vaulted ceiling. It was the first pool in Paris where you could swim outdoors, in 28º C water taken from an artisan well. Following a recent overhaul, this Art Nouveau multicoloured pool has recovered the comprehensive white of its original construction without losing a whit of its charm.

Pailleron Pool

Classified as a historical landmark from the Art Deco period, Pailleron Pool wows visitors with its extensive ceiling that lets the natural light in and the old changing rooms on the top two floors.

Georges-Vallerey Pool

This large pool hosts numerous swimming championships in France and because it is a perfect place to hold sporting events it was proposed as part of Paris’s bid for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Pontoise Pool

Pontoise Pool is the ideal choice for people after a night-time dip. You can swim to classical music until nearly midnight in this unique construction which first opened in 1933 and that is lit by tenuous lights when it starts to get dark

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Pictures: Franck Bohbot