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Have you ever asked yourself why so many Chinese restaurants have fish tanks? The answer has nothing to do with any special interest in fish, it’s because of feng shui. According to this philosophy based on the idea of occupying spaces in a conscious and harmonious fashion, water symbolises good luck and contributes significantly to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Many people take the recommendations of this discipline of a Taoist origin in mind when it comes to furnishing and decorating a home. What isn’t so common is to draw on them when designing the outdoor areas of a house. Water is one of the basic elements of feng shui (which literally translates as “wind-water”) and therefore a swimming pool can have a major impact on a home’s serenity.

According to feng shui, it’s best to choose a pool with no angles: round, oval or kidney-shaped. These shapes prevent the build-up of energy in the corners and stabilise the family’s financial situation. But if you already have a rectangular pool with angles pointing directly towards the house (or the relaxation areas of the garden) you can achieve the same benefits by placing plants in the corners.

In terms of dimensions, the most important thing is proportionality. Water is a very powerful element in feng shui, so a pool too big can noticeably affect the home’s energy balance. It is also recommendable to not put the pool very close to the house to prevent a feeling of ‘drowning’ amongst the inhabitants.

Plus, to ensure the pool is always full of positive energy, it’s a good idea to install good pumping systems or fountains that keep the water moving and replenishing continuously. If possible, water should flow towards the home to enable the pool to project healing properties on all the family.

Finally, to guarantee a well-balanced setting, it is highly recommendable for the five elements to be harmoniously integrated in the garden. This means that in addition to the water in the pool, you should include metal (ladders, maintenance material), wood (plants, outdoor furniture), earth(stones, pot plants, ceramic objects) and fire (lighting systems, candles).