Spectacular Pools / A “Crossed House” in Murcia - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

Clavel Arquitectos designed and built a beautiful crossed house in a property development located in Molina de Segura, in the Spanish region of Murcia. The single-family property, which boasts views over the surrounding Sierra de la Pila and Valle de Ricote mountains, ingeniously harnesses sunlight and solar energy


Two expressive longitudinal volumes, 20 metres in length by 5 metres deep, placed at angles on top of each other, magnificently deliver on the architects’ goal of ensuring privacy on the ground floor while guaranteeing the enjoyment of the local nature views from the upper floor.

The strategic arrangement of the two bodies and the rotation between them provides good orientation, excellent natural lighting indoors and a perfect shade in front of the ground-floor living area next to the pool. The 10-metre-long overhang is the standout feature of the garden area in front of the living room, protecting the interior from direct sunlight on the façade and enabling the shady areas that are so needed and sought on many days of the year.

The architects’ expressive showpiece, which takes the form of the positioning of the volumes, is shored up by a subtle distinction in the treatment of the edges of the two bodies. On the ground floor, the transverse rounded edges frame the large façade opening on the southeast side, while this treatment is applied length-wise on the upper floor, framing the views of the rooms at the ends. This visually reduces the contact area between the two volumes and reinforces the longitudinal nature of the geometric shape.


The exterior texture of the crossed house is rough, created by a shuttering of sandblasted pine strips. A continuous concrete surface also present in the garden paving, where the pool is inserted with round edges, maintains a unique language throughout the project.

Altogether it is an exercise in care, worthy of the Costa Cálida coastline, where a garden with views and a pool is the perfect setting to rewind and kick back in.


Photos: © David Frutos (BISimages)