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There are few occasions that make us happier than seeing children running around our garden or patio and enjoying their time outdoors. If on top of that, you have a pool, the possibilities grow exponentially. But it should not be forgotten that in matters of safety in and around the pool, responsible use is essential to preventing accidents from happening.

With kids and people with attention deficit especially in mind, preventive measures can be taken that prevent hazardous situations in the home. One of these measures is to have a pool cover, which has the added advantages of being sustainable, keeping the water clean and maintaining the basin in a good state of repair.


Most automatic covers provide safety and peace of mind, as they can withstand up to 100 kg in weight in the middle. With this “guarantee”, any children – or even adults – who fall will suffer nothing more serious than just a few scratches. In families with small children, having a pool cover is the number one safety measure, which is why there are several types of automatic covers.

Automatic submerged covers

The submerged models have been specially designed for both newly built and already existing pools. Both the roller shaft and the cover are housed inside the pool, thus making them blend in perfectly with their surroundings.


Automatic above-ground covers

Automatic above-ground covers are a more straightforward solution, as they are easy to instal and startup. They are ideal for already existing pools as the roller shaft is fastened in place to the pool’s decking.


Solar covers

The models of automatic covers that run on solar power stand out for being extremely environmentally friendly: they reduce water loss due to evaporation and heat loss from the pool. And if that wasn’t enough, they keep the premature evaporation of chemicals used for treatment to a minimum.


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