Spectacular Pools / Artificial lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

A few years ago, recreational real estate developments concentrated on parks with play areas, expanses of grass and golf courses. In recent years, artificial lakes have become the backbone of any tourist, residential or commercial project as this solution brings in many benefits.

The added value afforded by artificial lakes means that their owners can enjoy water sports, which are usually done in open waters, in total safety on their doorsteps. Naturally, this added value increases demand from households in the vicinity.

The freshwater and saltwater lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons have innovative, customized designs that make it possible to create beach paradises for each project adapted to the location and local climate, whether in a new complex or one that already exists.

What characterizes these artificial lakes first and foremost is that leisure and fun can be had on them in complete safety. They are designed for all the family to relax and rest, and to do sports such as kayaking, wakeboarding and paddleboarding without ever running the risk of encountering the ocean currents, jellyfish or sharks that could be found in open waters.

The efficiency of new filtration systems, developed for large expanses of water, together with 24/7 monitoring in real time, means that this oasis of crystal clear water is always in top condition, works all year around and consumes up to 30 times less water than a golf course, depending on the climate and location.

In addition, the amount it costs to build and maintain an artificial lake is almost next to nothing if compared to other types of water facilities, as well as helping to bring an area to life because a wide range of activities can be held there.

Thanks to this added value, the demand for artificial lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons is currently showing an upward trend, which will continue to rise in the future.