Spectacular Pools / A sea of creativity in the Mexican desert - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

One of the most fashionable destinations for today’s travelers is undoubtedly Mexico’s San José del Cabo. Good food, golf courses and water activities –including whale watching, diving and surfing– are just some of the ingredients that make this corner in the southeast part of Baja California an unforgettable place for a getaway.


Desert and sea are the area’s natural attractions and provide massive potential and appeal for travelers. Their integration into architect’s Miguel Ángel Aragonés work has resulted into the creation of the Hotel Mar Adentro, an extraordinary resort where rest and relaxation is an experience for all the senses.


The Mexican architect has managed to bring the sea inside the hotel thanks to a series of white volumes arranged neatly on a sheet of water in such a way that neither interrupts the views of the other.  Surrounded by desert landscape, lush cacti and desert vegetation, the hotel literally contains its own sea. Water, which meets the desert to draw the horizon, borders the entire project, and all volumes open to the sea, turning their back on the city. All rooms –which range from spacious lofts to single rooms to two-, three-, or four-bedroom apartments– overlook and visually contain a piece of that spectacular natural sea.


There is something else about this project that makes it unique: the way it was executed. Aragonés explains that there was no construction site; each unit was pre-fabricated and based on a basic model (the loft). Thus, as opposed to traditional construction techniques, the architect was able to finish the prefabricated rooms offsite and arrange them in clean lines that respect the environment. That is to say, construction involved manufacturing-controlled factory processes, a trend that the entire construction industry is embracing – the combination of design and advanced construction opening up a new and interesting path.


Images: © Joe Fletcher