THE COOL POOL / 29 de November de 2018

LED solutions for lighting your pool

ED liu There are many underwater LED lighting solutions that minimize power consumption and improve energy efficiency. SLX Multicolour LED lights and FLX Fibreglass Multicolour LED Pool and SPA lights are two of them that should be borne in mind. These LED lights maintain 70% of the Initial luminous flux for a minimum of 50,000 hours and […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 de November de 2018

Artificial lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons

A few years ago, recreational real estate developments concentrated on parks with play areas, expanses of grass and golf courses. In recent years, artificial lakes have become the backbone of any tourist, residential or commercial project as this solution brings in many benefits. The added value afforded by artificial lakes means that their owners can […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 de November de 2018

Water leisure: the key to attracting family tourism

To capture a particular target group, it is important for tourist establishments to have a dedicated offering that sets them apart in the sector and satisfies the needs of increasingly discerning and segmented tourists. Water leisure can be a major draw for families, particularly young children, who play a decisive role when it comes to choosing a […]

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THE COOL POOL / 1 de November de 2017

You won’t believe what NASA is hiding in this pool

Since the mid-90s, swimming has been an essential exercise for astronauts. That’s not because a large mass of water had been discovered in space in that decade, but because since then it has been a fundamental part of the training NASA astronauts undergo in a giant swimming pool.