THE COOL POOL / 14 de February de 2019

Pool Anatomy – Get to know your pool.

Just like the human body, your pool is a precision system — with every part working together to keep it running smoothly. Similar to how your heart pumps, keeping your circulation moving, your pool’s filtration system circulates the water in your pool to make it comfortable, clear, and ready for hours of enjoyment. This system’s […]

THE COOL POOL / 17 de January de 2019

Mineral Pools – Why you should make the switch!

There’s no greater feeling than lounging poolside for hours on a balmy summer day; your personal oasis with no trading hours, no restrictions and no disruption from the outside world. But, when the time comes that you finally have to get out, do you want your hair to be riddled with salt? Or your skin […]

THE COOL POOL / 29 de November de 2018

LED solutions for lighting your pool

ED liu There are many underwater LED lighting solutions that minimize power consumption and improve energy efficiency. SLX Multicolour LED lights and FLX Fibreglass Multicolour LED Pool and SPA lights are two of them that should be borne in mind. These LED lights maintain 70% of the Initial luminous flux for a minimum of 50,000 hours and […]

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THE COOL POOL / 17 de November de 2017

Not Recommended for Swimmers with Vertigo

The downtown area of Houston (USA) has been undergoing a major urban transformation over the past 10-plus years. Like many cities across the world, this major metropolis in the state of Texas is rolling out municipal policies to provide more office space and residential developments to future citizens while also promoting itself as a tourist […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 de November de 2017

A sea of creativity in the Mexican desert

One of the most fashionable destinations for today’s travelers is undoubtedly Mexico’s San José del Cabo. Good food, golf courses and water activities –including whale watching, diving and surfing– are just some of the ingredients that make this corner in the southeast part of Baja California an unforgettable place for a getaway.

THE COOL POOL / 1 de November de 2017

You won’t believe what NASA is hiding in this pool

Since the mid-90s, swimming has been an essential exercise for astronauts. That’s not because a large mass of water had been discovered in space in that decade, but because since then it has been a fundamental part of the training NASA astronauts undergo in a giant swimming pool.