Latest News / 5 Key Trends in the Pool Industry for 2018 - THE COOL POOL by Astralpool Australia

In 2018 we will swim in pools with transparent edges that will create optical illusions in our garden. In addition, in the next year, the space limitations will be increasingly smaller because their dimensions become more compact to adapt to the interior of our own homes. In 2018, collaborative pools, conceptual designs and pools capable of empathizing with our mood will also break out. Welcome to the future!

1. Pools integrated into the environment

A few days ago we advanced that 2018 will be the year of the pools with a surprise effect. Precisely, the pools with transparent edges achieve this sensation because they adapt to the environment and integrate the water inside the constructions creating amazing optical illusions.

2. Collaborative pools

The collaborative pool emerges to solve the demands of a new society with different forms of leisure. If we are used to sharing our houses, music or television, why not transfer this business model to the pool sector? The applications of the future will put in contact users interested in sharing a pool and gives a new possibility to these facilities, sometimes underused.

These apps also bring benefits to entrepreneurs in the sector who can access a large volume of data to detect business needs, discover where their potential customers are and anticipate future needs.

3. The boom of the mini-pools

The luxury of being able to enjoy a pool inside the home is not incompatible with space. In 2018 the pool will become a luxurious domestic object , of discrete dimensions, minimalist designs and materials that will adapt to the environment of the interior of our homes.

4. Pools that empathize with our mood

The 2018 smart pool will also have the ability to adapt to our mood, interpret our emotions and adapt all the systems to create a coherent environment for them. The new applications will be able to instantly modify the temperature, lighting or even activate aromas to adapt to our energy. A new and surprising concept.

5. Installable pools

The risky designs and with contrasted tonalities will be fully topical. The architecture that integrates the pools in a new way, as if they were conceptual works or filmed scenarios, will be viralized in 2018 through social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

Images: Barclay & Crousse / Unsplash / Richard England